He Eye Medical Training Base for Blindness Prevention and Treatment of National Health Commission

On June 25, 2012, with the approval of the former Ministry of Health, the “Medical Training Base for Blindness Prevention and Treatment of the Ministry of Health” (WYZH [2012] No. 185) (hereinafter called the “base”) was officially settled in Liaoning Province, and organized by He Eye Specialist Hospital, mainly responsible for the training of blindness prevention and treatment-related management staff and professional ophthalmologists.

Since its establishment, with the strong support of the state, Liaoning Province, and international non-governmental organizations in the field of blindness prevention, the base has worked on the training in an orderly manner, and has achieved remarkable results. According to the overall requirements of the(2012-2015), the base made a reference to the advanced experience of international blindness prevention training, and built a curriculum system focusing on a knowledge module for management of blindness prevention and a specialized ophthalmic knowledge module, especially to satisfy the actual needs for talents in the work of blindness prevention and treatment in China.

Under the guidance of the government and by constantly integrating multiple resources, the base cooperates with the National Blinding Prevention Technical Guidance Group, the International Association for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB) and the International Ophthalmology Association(ICO) academically, and works together on the key project of blindness prevention with the international and domestic nongovernmental organizations that concern blindness prevention training, and has actually improved the quality and effectiveness of training in prevention and treatment of blindness.

The base is established in Liaoning and recruits students nationwide. At present, the base has hired more than 40 international and 100 national experts and professors, and independently cultivated 200 training specialists. It has sent a total of 32,000 community health workers, nearly 100 cataract small incision surgeons, 200 ophthalmic nurses, 1800 optometrists, 300 low vision  physiatrists, 680 anti-blind management staff, and more than 10 equipment engineers, and more than 20 ophthalmic consultants. Cumulatively, more than 30 million RMB was invested in the base.

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