Love Eye Care Day | He Eye Group, joint Xinhua News Agency, China News Service and other media and all walks of life appealcall for: eye bath sun, prevent prevention of myopia

  • 2019-09-26 20:22:00

Eye Care Day | He Eye Group, Xinhua News Agency, China News Service and other media call for prevention of myopia

June 6, 2018 is the 23rd National Eye Care Day. The theme is "Scientific correction of myopia and pay attention to children's eye health." He Eye Group as a Liaoning Province youth myopia prevention and control base, worked with Xinhua News Agency, China News Service and other media outlets and all walks of life to advocate prevention of myopia.

Official data show that at present, the rate of myopia among adolescents in China is nearly 60%, ranking the highest in the world. The detection rate of myopia among primary and middle school students is 53.8%, with 60.7% in urban areas and 30.7% in rural areas.

In order to strengthen the community-level eye care capability, effectively control the incidence of myopia in adolescents, and solve the problem of extreme shortage of primary eye resources and daily eye care needs in China,

He Eye Group has independently developed fully intelligent ophthalmic equipment and artificial intelligence system, which includes state-of-the-art fully intelligent vision screening equipment and optometry equipment to realize daily visual health screening and monitoring for adolescents. It can be used for effective etiological analysis and accurate prevention and control of adolescent myopia. At the same time, the system can also cover 90% of the accurate screening of diseases that lead to blindness, so as to achieve early detection and treatment.

The application of intelligent diagnostic equipment will greatly improve the detection rate of ophthalmopathy among grass-roots people, improve the ability and level of ophthalmopathy diagnosis of grass-roots doctors, and help to implement the strategy of "healthy China" through accurate medical treatment.

Myopia glasses "can expire"? A pair of glasses are not once and for all.

When it comes to scientific correction of myopia, many people think of myopia glasses for the first time. Myopia glasses are an optical instrument with the function of correcting vision and protecting vision, but few people realize that it also has a "life limit".

Recently, Xinhua News Agency, China News Service reporter walked into He Eye Group, and heard experts talking about what kind of glasses need to be replaced.

As a prevention and control base of myopia for teenagers in Liaoning Province, He Eye Group has been doing eye disease screening in the society all the year round. After investigation found that a considerable number of people do not replace lenses until they are damaged, or having cracked frame. In fact, not replacing glasses in time, will not only lead to uncomfort, but also affect visual health, accelerate myopia.

Huang He, an expert at the Myopia Treatment Center of He Eye Specialist Hospital , said: parents are advised to take their children to the hospital every six months for an eye examination to fully assess the state of eye health and vision. If it is found that the lens power increases rapidly, it is recommended that the glasses be replaced in a timely manner. Moreover, when we go to the hospital for examination, in addition to the lens examination, it is more important to carry out accurate etiological assessment and analysis, including gene detection, so as to truly formulate a precise treatment plan for the cause of the disease, in order to really achieve the prevention and control of myopia.

He Eye Group has been committed to promoting the healthy development of eyesight of adolescents.

As the prevention and control base of adolescents myopia in Liaoning Province, and also the guiding unit of myopia prevention and control for primary and middle school students in Liaoning Province, He Eye  Hospital has been committed to promoting the healthy development of adolescent vision. Through publicity, regular eye tests, education and training, and data monitoring, a myopia prevention and control system has been established, which is composed by the competent authorities, schools, students, parents and medical institutions. An efficient, sustainable and replicable myopia prevention and control model has been created, committed to providing every teenager with comprehensive eye health education, eye health testing, eye health database establishment and data statistical analysis, personalized refractive solutions and other eye care services.

As a member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), Dr. He Wei, president of He Eye Specialist Hospital , pays special attention to the eye health of teenagers when attending the CPPCC National Committee every year, and puts forward a number of proposals aimed at strengthening the construction of a protection system for the prevention and control of myopia among young people, in order to promote social attention to adolescent eye health.


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