Dialogue on Gene: He Wei, President of the Department of OphthalmologyHe Eye Group, presided over the Symposium on Ophthalmology of the International Gene CongressICG

  • 2019-09-26 20:51:25

Recently, the 12th Annual Meeting of the International Conference on Genomics  officially opened in Shenzhen National Gene Bank. The theme of the conference is "Omics for all". As home to the Eye Gene Bank, He Eye Group has gathered in Shenzhen with well-known experts and scholars from all over the world to discuss scientific research and learn to promote the development of ophthalmology precision medicine in China.



t has been 12 years since the first ICG was held in 2006. It has become one of the most influential annual conferences in genomics. With the official establishment of the Eye Gene Bank in Shenyang, the ICG set up an ophthalmology group discussion venue for the first time. He Wei, president of He Eye Specialist Hospital , presided over the meeting as the head of the Eye Gene Bank and delivered a keynote speech.





President He Wei presided over the meeting and delivered a keynote speech. 

President He Wei stressed that "as a high-tech and international ophthalmological institution integrating medicine, teaching, production, learning and research, He Eye Group has been committed to promoting the development of ophthalmic precision medicine and the completion of the Eye Gene Bank. It marks the arrival of the era of accurate diagnosis and treatment of ophthalmology in China. As a global advanced genetic material platform, Eye Gene Bank is committed to providing personalized service and accurate medical treatment, regarding public eye health from the point of view of genetic technology. According to the storage and collection of high quality gene samples, the genetic data of common ophthalmopathy such as heavy myopia, diabetic ophthalmopathy and rare ophthalmopathy were analyzed to guide the use of drugs for accurate medical clinical service, in order to truly realize a world without blindness via Eye Gene Bank."


Professor Liu Qin of Harvard Medical School said after the meeting: "China has been in a leading position in the world in innovative scientific research such as genes and stem cells. The establishment of the Eye Gene Bank is a cross-border combination of medical technology and gene technology. It has played a powerful role in promoting the development of ophthalmology precision medical industry in China. "



(From left) Professor He Wei, Professor Xu Guotong, Professor Liu Qin, Professor Zhang Qingjiong, and Professor Liu Tiecheng posed a group photo after the meeting.

As a special guest, Professor Xu Guotong, dean of Medical College of Tongji University, said: "He Eye Group is an eye industry chain that integrates medical education, production, learning and research. The settlement of the Eye Gene Bank is very conducive to the rapid transformation of gene research results. The development of eye gene technology will also promote the development of the whole gene technology. It will benefit not only China, but also the world. "





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