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  • 2019-10-07 13:08:57

With the support of the ophthalmology branch of the Chinese Medical Association, the 2018 " He Ophthalmology Innovation Award" selection activities were launched again.

The Award was officially established at the 18th National Ophthalmology Conference in September 2013. In order to promote the establishment of innovative ideas in Chinese ophthalmology, give innovative genes to the development of ophthalmology, and make every ophthalmic clinical, scientific research, and blindness prevention worker with innovative thinking, dream, passion, and sense of responsibility become a model of the times. Dr. He Wei, director of the ICO, consultant to the ophthalmology branch of the Chinese Medical Association, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, and president of He Eye Specialist Hospital , donated 1 million yuan to the Light of Care Blindness Prevention Foundation. The Ho Eye Innovation Award will be set up to reward innovative talents in ophthalmology clinical, scientific research and prevention of blindness in the form of 100,000 yuan a year.

Since its establishment in 2013, the Ho Eye Innovation Award has been successfully held for four sessions with the attention and support of the ophthalmology branch of the Chinese Medical Association and colleagues in the ophthalmology field, supporting and encouraging the innovation of young and middle-aged ophthalmologists. It has promoted the independent innovation of ophthalmology and the development of prevention and treatment of blindness, and has been well received by the industry. After discussion by the Standing Committee of the Ophthalmology Society of the Chinese Medical Association, the fifth "Ho Ophthalmology Innovation Award" was officially launched in May 2018, and the award is scheduled to be presented at the 23rd National Ophthalmology Conference.

2018 "Ho Eye Innovation Award" setup.

Chinese Medical Association Ophthalmology Branch "Ho Eye Innovation Award" winner will receive a prize of 100,000 yuan.

Conditions for the 2018 "Ho Eye Innovation Award"

(1) Scope.

Scientific and technological workers and ophthalmologists and related disciplines throughout the country.

(II) Conditions

In the application of intelligent medical projects such as basic ophthalmic research, clinical research, implementation of technology development projects, prevention and treatment of blindness, major engineering projects, research and development of new drugs and equipment, artificial intelligence, big data and the Internet of things, at least one of the following conditions must be met:

1. Put forward the original theory, which is accepted by the academic circles;

2. To complete the work of technological innovation and mode innovation with independent intellectual property rights, and make outstanding contributions;

3. Publish papers in core academic journals at home and abroad and have a high citation rate;

4. Obtaining the authorized invention patent and transforming it into application;

5. The research or project results (including ophthalmic artificial intelligence, big data, Internet of things and other intelligent medical projects) have a high value of application and promotion, resulting in significant social and economic benefits.

The selection process of 2018 "Ho Eye Innovation Award"

1. Applicants who meet the requirements can log on to the Innovation Award website to fill in the application form and upload proof materials;

2. Deadline for selection: online application will be closed by July 18, 2018;

3. After the application deadline, the formal selection shall be carried out by the award evaluation secretariat, and then four candidates shall be selected by the nomination committee of the ophthalmology branch to enter the letter examination procedure. The nomination committee for the award shall be composed of the current, former, chairman-designate, honorary chairman, vice-chairman and academicians;

4. After the letter review, the expert group confirmed selection of 2 persons to enter the final round.

The group of experts on letter review consists of two parts.

(1) 10 well-known ophthalmologists in China; (2) 7 to 10 peer review experts outside ophthalmology, including practitioners and entrepreneurs from other medical disciplines; Each review shall, according to the specific situation, randomly select experts from the relevant fields from the expert database to form a review expert group;

1. All members of the Standing Committee of the Ophthalmology Branch will vote for the final winner.

2. The number of votes obtained in each round of elections shall exceed 2/3 of the number of experts participating in the selection;

3. The winners of the Innovation Award are scheduled to be awarded at the 23rd National Ophthalmology Conference of the Chinese Medical Association in September 2018.

Contact: Mr. Li.

Tel: (024)86502018.


Previous winners of "Ho Eye Innovation Award"


Professor Yao Ke 



Jin Zibing: director of genetic ophthalmology, Eye Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University; dean, professor and doctoral supervisor of Graduate School of Wenzhou Medical University.

Zhang Mingchang: director of Ophthalmology, pofessor and doctoral supervisor of Wuhan Union Hospital. 



Zhao Chen: professor and Ph.D., Nanjing Medical University. 



Wang Ningli: academician of Academia Ophthalmologica Internationalis, president of Beijing Tongren Hospital, deputy secretary of the CPC Committee, professor and doctoral supervisor.

Qu Jia: candidate academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, president, professor and doctoral supervisor of Eye Hospital, Wenzhou Medical University.

Xie Lixin: academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, honorary president of Shandong Academy of Medical Sciences, director of Shandong Institute of Ophthalmology.

Li Xiaoxin: chairman of the ophthalmology branch of the Chinese Medical Association, head of the ophthalmology group, vice president of the People's Hospital of Peking University, president, professor and doctoral supervisor of Xiamen Eye Center.

Zhou Xiangtian: professor, Wenzhou Medical University.

Zhao Mingwei: deputy director of Ophthalmology, professor and doctoral supervisor, People's Hospital of Peking University.


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