This New International drug has been successfully applied in He Eye Specialist Hospital.

  • 2020-12-03 08:37:53

           On June 3, 2018, an international leading drug for the treatment of diabetic macular edema (DME), aflibercept intraocular injection solution, was successfully clinically applied in He Eye Specialist Hospital. A DME patient successfully received an intraocular injection from Yewei Wang, Dean of He Eye Specialist Hospital in Dalian. This is the first clinical application of aflibercept intraocular injection solution in China.


Dean Wang is injecting aflibercept for the patient.


Technology International Synchronization, National Recognition


           He Vision Group has taken the lead in clinical application of new technologies in the industry many times, He eye Specialist Hospital, founded in 1995, carried out three majors ophthalmic technologies: phacoemulsification, vitrectomy and ophthalmic laser treatment in China in the early time; has successively obtained more than 30 scientific research patents, and is always in line with international technology and leading Chinese ophthalmology technical innovation. Therefore, He Vision Group has surpassed many top hospitals in China, and has been recognized by the National Health Commission. Additionally, Shenyang He Eye Specialist Hospital has become a national jey clinical specialty of ophthalmology. 

Promote the application of new drugs and benefit patients


           It is reported that the first new drug successfully applied in He Eye Specialist Hospital - aflibercept is currently an anti-VEGF drug approved in China for the treatment of diabetic macular edema (DME). Compared with previous treatments, its treatment vision benefit cycle is longer, the retinal thickness is more significantly reduced, the general safety is better, and the patients tolerance is better. According to relevant laws and regulations in my country, as a special commodity, whether a new drug is developed or a foreign new drug is marketed in China, it must undergo rigorous clinical trials and post-market application research. Before listing in China, Aflibercept had passed the US FDA certification. And clinical observations in many countries have shown that its safety and effectiveness are superior to traditional treatment methods, and it has saved the vision of many diabetic patients. After being approved by the China Food and Drug Afministration (CFDA) recently, it was officially used in clinical practice in China.


          It is worth mentioning that in 2010, Shenyang He Eye Specialist Hospital was rigorously screened and reviewed by the State Food and Drug Administration, and was recognized as a drug clinical trial (GCP) institution, and formally participated in the clinical trials of new international ophthalmic drugs before the domestic application And evaluation. The qualification of a national drug clinical trial institution is a comprehensive manifestation of a hospital's medical level and scientific research capabilities. The State Food and Drug Administration's accreditation of GCP institutions is very strict and the process is rigorous. The review involves various aspects such as the hospital's clinical technical strength, talent team capabilities, and internal management standards. Hospitals that have obtained this authoritative qualification are recognized leaders in the industry.


         So far, He Vision Group has carried out multiple intravitreal injection drugs, anti-glaucoma drugs, ocular surface anti-infective drugs, anti-tumor drugs, anti-allergic drugs and more than 20 clinical trials, which are the domestic new drugs listed and the domestic clinical trials of international new drugs. The application has made a lot of contributions.


          "It is an honor to bring new international technology to patients once again, and to bring light to more patients with difficult eye diseases. In the future, He Vision Group will continue to apply internationally advanced ophthalmology technology and ophthalmic drugs simultaneously. With cutting-edge technology and the benevolent heart of doctors, it brings new hope to the majority of eye disease patients", Dean Wang Yewei said with emotion.


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