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At 8: 00 a.m., January 6, 2017, Yao Tao, director of the expert team on Eye Surface and Corneal Diseases, arrived at the ward on the third floor as usual to begin his busy day: daily routine check-ups for postoperative patients. The first batch of patients who underwent commonweal keratoplasty on December 24 has been discharged from the hospital today. The surgeon explained the relevant matters of attention to the discharged patients, hurried to the operating room, because there are still four patients waiting for him today. . 

"To buy all the time to transplant the freshest cornea for the patient." 

           Yao Tao, who is good at all kinds of corneal transplantation surgery, is a trusted doctor among patients. No matter what difficult corneal disease patients have in the hospital, Yao Tao will be invited for consultation. For Yao Tao, who has experience in thousands of mature corneal transplants, four surgeries a day are the norm. Such an intense arrangement of corneal transplantation comes from his original intention to "strive for all the time he can buy to transplant the freshest cornea for the patient, in order to achieve the best postoperative results."
          Starting from the end of December 2016, He Eye Group has cooperated with the DOHENY Eye Institute to successfully solve the problem of shortage of corneal donors. Fresh cornea will be transported by air to nearly 50 patients for free public welfare surgery. . 
        "Thank you He Eye Group, and Director Yao Tao, for giving me the best gift for the New Year." 
Wang Decai, 65, who lives in Xinkai River Village in Yingkou City, was poked in the eye by the tip of straw while doing farm work, causing corneal perforation in the left eye because of the lack of attention. After diagnosis, Director Yao Tao frowned: "if you wait any longer, you'll have to remove your eyeballs. Why don't you come earlier?" On the same day, he had a commonweal keratoplasty for Wang immediately. Two weeks later, Wang Decai was able to leave the hospital. Before he left, he showed appreciation. "Thank you He Eye Group, and Director Yao Tao, for keeping my eyes, and giving me a bright new year present!" 

       Wang Decai, who kept his eyeball, gave a thumbs-up to Director Yao Tao and the technical benevolence of He Eye Specialist Hospital . 
On the same day of Wang Decai’s discharge, Cheng Zhijian, a 35-year-old from Yanzhou, Jining City, Shandong Province, was also discharged from the hospital. He suffered from congenital glaucoma since childhood, with the left eye completely blind; the right eye thanks to timely treatment, has the possibility of recovery, and the only way is corneal transplantation. Director Yao Tao operated on him on Christmas Eve 2016. When Director Yao Tao told his mother that Zhijian was very successful, the mother, who had been waiting for this moment for 35 years, wept with joy. 

       Shandong man Cheng Zhijian is about to return to his hometown in Shandong for a bright new year. 
Accommodated in Ward 312, Ni Yumei and Liu Yuli from Tieling were also accompanied by their loved ones and were ready to be discharged from the hospital. "My sister had a very good corneal transplant in He Eye in 2014. I also had a successful operation here this year. I am sincerely grateful to Dr. Yao, to He Eye Specialist Hospital , and to our family for giving our family light and hope."  Ni Yumei said happily. 

      Ni Yumei has recovered and is discharged from hospital. 
     "To solve the huge gap between supply and demand in the cornea, He Eye Group is on its way." 
At present, there are 4 million people blind due to keratopathy in China, of which 60 per cent can regain brightness through corneal transplantation, while only a few thousand people can successfully perform corneal transplantation every year. The main reason is the serious shortage of corneal donors.  
Now, in order to solve the huge gap of corneal donors and restore the brightness of more corneal patients, He Eye Group has made a historic breakthrough in corneal stock in conjunction with the DOHENY. In the past, nearly 500 patients lined up in eye bank each year to wait for the cornea. Now these patients no longer have to worry about missing out on treatment while waiting. 
So far, dozens of patients have benefited from He Eye’s "Walking with Light, commonweal Corneal Transplantation Project". 
Give roses and leave incense in your hands. If you have patients who need corneal transplants, please grab your phone to make an appointment for them. For more information, please call 024 86549132, 86520800. 
[About the Expert]. 

Yao Tao. 
Associate Professor, Master of Ophthalmology. 
Senior Trainer of the International Eye Care Training Centre. 
Member of Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology, 
Credit member of Chinese Medical Association for Ophthalmology. 
Expert on ocular surface keratopathy,He Eye Specialist Hospital , Liaoning Ho's Medical College. 
Specialty: eye surface diseases and corneal diseases drug and surgical treatment, especially good at all kinds of corneal transplantation. He has created new surgical methods such as lamellar keratoplasty and stroma injection with "blisters" combined with "vesicles", and has been sent to the United States, Japan and other countries to attend and give speeches at international ophthalmology conferences. He is one of the earliest keratologists to carry out corneal endothelial transplantation in China.


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