The Belt and Road Countries Ophthalmic Training Courses

  • 2022-06-27 11:17:44


The Belt and Road Countries Ophthalmic Training Courses


Shenyang Normal University (Co-organizer: He Eye Specialist Hospital)



August 1-31, 2022



Countries of 


 “Belt and Road” 


Number of Participants




In order to actively respond to the "Belt and Road" initiative and provide African youths with vocational skills training, He Eye Specialist Hospital will offer ophthalmology surgical skills training. It comprehensively consolidates the  foundation of trainees and standardizes surgical operation processes, filling the human resources gap of African ophthalmology. It also creates more opportunities for African young doctors to help them get rid of poverty and achieve sustainable development. The specific goals are as follows:

1.  To understand the development trend and prospect of global blindness and ophthalmology;

2.  To have a preliminary understanding of blindness prevention and treatment with Chinese characteristics and new achievement and technologies on blindness prevention;

3.  To master the procedure of cataract surgery, strengthen and standardize operative essentials;

4. To know common precautions in cataract diagnosis and treatment, cultivate good surgical habits and master specifications of related ophthalmology equipment, etc.;

5. To be equipped with advanced surgical thinking and concepts;

6. Make the training targeted, practical and effective;

7. A flexible change can be made according to local condition after participants go back their home

Requirement   of the Participants



--Field or major: Medical and Health

--Level, academic degree or other relevant qualification requirements: graduates in medical major or above; resident doctors or attending doctors

--Position: doing clinical work in local general hospitals or ophthalmology hospitals

--Years of working in related field: no requirement


Not higher than 50.

Physical Condition

Participants are healthy and able to attend online training on time.

Language Competence

Participants should have English ability in listening, speaking, reading and writing.


Participants can use the Zoom platform to complete the training schedule.


       1.   Course Background Introduction:

       1.1   Summary of China's National Conditions

       mainly about China's 5,000-year of development and its splendid culture. Introduce China's practical exploration and development achievements over the past 40 years of reform and opening up.

      1.2 Xi Jinping's Governance of China

       Xi Jinping's important thoughts on upholding and developing socialism with Chinese characteristics, realizing the great rejuvenation dream of the Chinese nation, persisting in comprehensively deepening reforms, and taking the path of peaceful development.

     1.3 China's  Epidemic Prevention and Control

      mainly introduce China's practices and experience in epidemic prevention and control, and the positive results achieved; introduce China's efforts and achievements in restoring production and people's livelihood and promoting China's economic development and the world's economic development.

2. Advanced Knowledge Lecture for Ophthalmology:

2.1 The Development Trend and Prospect of Global Blindness and Ophthalmology: According to the World Vision Report (2019) and Global Plan of Action released by the World Health Organization, the importance of eye health and future development trends for participants will be mainly explained.

2.2 Blindness Prevention and Treatment with Chinese Characteristics and New Achievement and Technologies on Blindness Prevention:It mainly introduces the historical experience and progress results of China's blindness   prevention methods and eye health development.

2.3 Basic Theory of Ophthalmology: it mainly explains basic theoretical courses  including glaucoma, cataracts, pediatric strabismus, and fundus disease, etc. so that participants will have a comprehensive understanding of the ophthalmology system and key points.

3. Cataract Surgery Theory Class:

3.1 Operation for Cataract Surgery: According to the steps of cataract surgery, the theoretical lectures are conducted to explain the standards and specifications of operation for participants.

3.2 Symposiums: To explore the new diagnosis and treatment techniques of cataract surgery, and to forecast the future development direction of cataract academic research.

4. Cataract Surgery Observation and Explanation:

4.1 Remote Observation of Cataract Surgery: The lecturer analyzes the operation with practical experience, so that the participants can understand how the theory can be applied to the actual operation.

4.2 Remote Consulting: Based on their own work experience, participants   prepare patient medical records for lecturers in advance, and conduct online Q&A interactions.

5. Online Visits:

5.1 Online Visit:E-visiting He Eye Specialist Hospital and other branches; E-visit simulation lab, animal eye lab, telemedicine room, AI-based ophthalmology equipment, etc.

5.2 Online Culture Experience: E-visiting Shenyang Imperial Palace and other historical places to let participants know Shenyang's history and culture.

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