Mistake "’vague vision" as myopia, saving a 5-year-old cataract child 

  • 2019-10-07 14:12:57

Recently, Tongtong (pseudonym), a 5-year-old girl from Faku County, underwent phacoemulsification in He Eye Specialist Hospital. Shocked to hear that their daughter had congenital cataract, Tongtong's parents decided to choose He Eye Specialist Hospital . At that time, Orbis International joined hands with He Vision Group to carry out domestic ophthalmic technical training. International experts and He experts cured the child with ultra-minimally invasive Cold Phaco surgery. 

Mistake "vague vision" as myopia – child receives surgery one year after showing symptoms 

Five-year-old Tongtong is beautiful and clever, but in the past year, mothers have found that their children often look sideways and have to sit in the front row in kindergarten to see the blackboard. The mother thought her child was nearsighted and decided to come to a top hospital in Shenyang for an examination. However, the results of the examination left Tongtong’s parents falling into deep guilt: the child is not myopic, but suffering from congenital cataract, which needs timely surgical treatment.

Orbis International experts diagnose; high tech changes the fate 

Can such a young child be operated on? Is there a risk of surgery? In the face of Tongtong's parents' concerns, He Eye Specialist Hospital used technology and strength to address their concerns. Orbis International expert said: "the ultra-minimally invasive cold phacoemulsification technology introduced by He Vision Group is the most advanced cataract surgery technology in the world, which greatly shortens the time of ultrasonic energy acting on the eyes. The damage to eyeball caused by ultrasonic thermal effect was minimized. At the same time, the closure and safety of ultra-small incision in the process of operation is also stable. The operation of the child will be very safe. "So far, the youngest patient receiving cataract surgery by He Eye Specialist Hospital  was only 41 days old. Tongtong is very lucky to be able to get the personal treatment of international experts without going abroad. 


Solve the difficult problem of Surgical Anesthesia and adopt customized Anesthesia Scheme for Children. 

Compared with adult surgery, anesthesia in children with cataract surgery requires rapid, stable, timely wakening and less adverse reactions. In the past, traditional endotracheal intubation anesthesia is prone to damage mucous membrane edema and cause respiratory tract obstruction. He Eye Specialist Hospital specially replaced the traditional endotracheal intubation with laryngeal mask to achieve spontaneous respiratory anesthesia. The anaesthesia method has high safety and controllability and better suitability with patients. Tongtong's whole operation process is easy and painless. He’s advanced and safe cataract surgery technology gives children bright future.


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